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I was hoping to have this portion completed by this weekend since I'm headed to Enterprise, OR for the Hells Canyon/Wallowa Valley Gathering but I don't think I'm going to get it done. This might be slow going but I will complete the story of this ride. In the meantime I will give you this:

Friday 5/31/13

Konkolville_Motel is a nice motel, which I enjoyed. The owners, Joe and Sherry, were very welcoming and made sure I was happy. When I got to my room I found it to be large, clean and so very comfy. In the room was a fridge, microwave and coffee pot all worth points in my book. Heck, they impressed me when they told me they have motorcycle parking.

See the Superbug there in itís own special parking.

In the room there was a notebook with information about the area and it included the history of the motel and lumber mill across the street. Itís also on their website. I like that it was created by a family following their dream and now itís owned by someone following in their footsteps. Very cool.

After I got up I went to the lobby and enjoyed breakfast. I was surprised to find breakfast was more than a roll and juice. They had cereal, muffins, toast, waffles, biscuits and gravy and of course hot coffee. Not bad since itís included with the room.

They even have a swimming pool and hot tub although I didnít use them I liked where the pool was located and how nice things were.

As I was packing up the Superbug Joe noticed me getting ready to leave and came over to talk with me. He gave me some tips on good riding roads in the area and wanted to be sure I ate breakfast before I left. How nice is that?

I was very impressed with the motel and normally I donít care that much for motels.

These are mighty big cedars

I was off riding again and looking for the road off Greer Grade that goes to Pardee, ID. Pardee hasnít been a town for many years so there aren't direction signs and the road didnít have a road sign. I was also looking for caches, sort of.

I stopped to check out the view and enjoyed seeing the Old Greer Grade (dirt) on the other side of the river.

Itís nice to see the wild roses blooming.

The view sure is nice. There is supposed to be a cache here but I didnít find it. At least I found roses and a pretty view so the stop was worth it.

I got to about the top of the grade and knew I had missed the road I was looking for so back down the grade I headed. I decided to check for another cache feeling a little disappointed because I didnít think I was going to find the road I wanted to ride. I couldnít imagine where I missed it or where it was going to be.

The cache was at a historical sign which I always enjoy reading.

After reading the sign I started to look for the cache. Ahhhh thereís the little darliní.

Itís a tiny little bugger.

When I walked to the back of the sign to look for the cache I spotted thisÖ.

I bet thatís the road I was looking for. I checked my GPS and sure enough that was it. The road came off the edge of the pull out and didnít have a road sign so it just blended in to the pull out. Oh goodie, goodie I found the road I wanted to ride.

Over the next few days I spotted a number of these.

On highway 12 these crosses were painted on the road every couple miles.

Enjoying the ride

Pretty spring run off

As I was riding up a hill I spotted a critter up in the road.

At first I didnít know what it was but as I got a little closer I figured it out. I stopped not to spook it and so I could get a picture. I found it pretty funny that there was a Llama at a Llama crossing sign. Normally there are signs like that but you never see the critters you are being warned about.

I wanted to get a closer look and hoping to get a better picture so I started to inch my way toward the big guy. It made me a little nervous when it started walking toward me. I know itís domesticated but how tame is it really?

With it walking toward me I stopped again and when I did it turned and went off into the bushes.

Iím going to leave you with that for now and will be back later to add more . . .
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