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Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
I bought one with a normal headlight because I didn't want to wait for a bike. I really wanted the LED, but riding was more important.

I'm sure it's badass, but so is riding.

As for the H7s by the bucket, well that's just a bit of a stretch. I do truly believe I will eventually drop a large chunk of cash to swap in the LED someday as I'm a tech nerd, but in the meantime I'd rather ride. Further, the difference between the Premium Plus and the Premium is only about 300 less than the cost of just buying the LED headlight parts. Sure you get TPMS too, but most complain about it. I could care less about having it. In my mind, the cost of the LEDs will likely come down a bit after they've been out for a while leaving the cost to upgrade later very likely about the same as buying a whole bike, and WAITING, for one now. got the box..

I get about....4-6 months from a bulb..just changed one yesterday..I never leave on a trip without two..

I agree..not worth waiting for, especially if you have to get the damn TPS with them..
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