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Originally Posted by sherpa_pat View Post
I'm looking to maybe hit a beginner trail on Saturday. I'm gonna be coming from London and end up in Chatham. I searched this thread and didn't find much...

Can someone highlight this trail on a map? What skill level does it require? I've done a bit of time on a dirt road and a looser gravel road. In other words, I have no experience.

Care to point out a few ones on a map for me? I'm just looking for something simple to get started with.

Thanks everyone...
What I usually do is try to get into no exit roads or unmaintainned town roads.
For example if you're going to Chatham from longwoods get a concession south/north of it and start exploring side roads.
The best trails are all hidden inbetween.
Another option would be to get riding with a couple of locals that have routine trails and start building your confidence and skill level until you can do it solo.
Remember that getting stuck somewhere by yourself not only isn't fun but can be quite dangerous if not prepared.
There are also many organized rides that cater to different skill levels that can help a lot with your skill set.

Take your time and enjoy
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