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my new bike...for a few days.

now i'm in Wyoming, what a freakin' day of travel, i can't remember exactly how i got here. plenty to write about. got felt up by the TSA, the body scanner said i was full of shrapnel, and i got swabbed for explosive residue. hang around those TSA dweebs long enough and i suppose anyone could fit a terrorist profile. plus, half of those people walking around barefoot in front of the scanner looked to have leprosy, at least of the feet. the whole place was crawling with germs, bacteria, exotic disease, god awful stuff. some of those folks shoulda been run through a vat of cow dip first, then through the scanner.

eventually, i'll get around to telling you about the person who was not allowed to board that Miami flight at the gate next door...the 6AM flight.

mike's great, the bike's great, the mountains are great. 350 miles in a half day of riding, i'm beat.
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