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Now I know the title of this thread is "Bay Area Rides" but I prefer documenting all my RRs on one thread so I will just make this a Bay Area and my rides thread.

This is my first RR so please, do bare with me...

Not last weekend but weekend before last was my sister's and her fiance's bachelorette/bachelor (respectively of course) party. Now I know it seems weird to many that they would combine the tow parties since that sort of defeats the purpose but hey, it's their thing and frankly I had a small feeling it would be more fun like this (don't ask me why, I just did). I mean I love my future brother-in-law (we just clicked from the get-go) but I would want to share this moment with my sister as well!

So they planned to spend it Tahoe, my favorite place for many reasons! When they first told me they were planning on doing it in Tahoe, I was stoked because I love the area and Tahoe has been my get-away-from-life place, so I was ecstatic about it! So then I had a mind blowing moment which involved Tahoe, booze and motorcycles (the last two were one or the other, I never ride and drink). Now, I love beer, Tahoe and motorcycles, only issue was I also love leaning and with the current bike I had (which I was already trying to sell) i knew it wouldn't work, i had a problem... I found a way to sell my bike within 10 days of the soon-to-be-awesome weekend. Frist problem solved, now a second arose, i couldn't find a KLR, which is the only bike i wanted at this point. I would check Craigslist every hour but no luck. I was leaving on a Friday, and it was Tuesday with still no luck on a good KLR... the chances of riding there were sliming... and FAST! Then I saw one that was perfect! So I went to check it out. It was 30 mins away so i went to check it out on my day off, Wednesday. I tried out the bike, it looked and rode like a charm! So after discussing the price, took it home with me. I was happy as hell!

So it was Thursday and I had a day to pack and get ready for Tahoe. I was leaving the following day, Friday, after work around 9pm. At first, I was hesitant on riding a bike I just got for 500+ miles round trip and especially riding at night to Tahoe, 4 hours away. I suggested to my parents and both thought i was nuts for thinking that to begin with... My sister harassed me not to come on it. Talked to my girlfriend, she wasn't really for it either... Then i talked to some friends about the idea and they thought it was awesome! That's all i needed, one person to think it was a good idea! So the rest of that day i spent planning routes that i could take on my way back (since it was gonna be night going up, i took the quickest route). That night after work, I did a full check of the bike: brakes, fluids, tires, all electric components. I was really happy everything came out perfectly functioning! So i was content and stoked for the Friday!

It was now Friday and I already couldn't wait to hit the rode. I worked at 4pm so had to pack and get ready so as soon I got off I could hit the road. This was the route I had chosen to go up. It took me a little less than the time suggested with on pit stop in Sac for a fancy gas station dinner and gas fill-up. I wish i had pictures of the ride there but it was pitch black and regardless of my efforts, nothing came up.

The ride up was really peaceful. As soon as i hit highway 50, the cars disapperaed. There were little to no cars all the way from Placerville to South Lake Tahoe. Most of the cars i did catch up to, let me by so i barely had to slow down. Of the cars that didn't let me pass, they got some high beams and
my loud exhaust to enjoy. Only signs of wild life i saw was a deer in the middle of the road i saw from 30 or so yards away that darted when i reved my engine in hopes of it getting out the way, which worked! When I arrived to the cabin, I was greeted by a very happy and surprised future brother in law and sister! The feeling of my ass hurting from the ride was all forgotten with that reaction. I arrived there at about 1am and drank till about 4:30... what a fantastic day!

The partying and drink went on for 2 more days after that till it was time for them to leave. My girlfriend hadn't arrived till 6pm on Saturday so not to make her drive longer than her stay in Tahoe we got a hotel in Tahoe and stayed for an extra night. Since we are on college student's budget, we got the cheapest motel we could find, $29.99 a night! Thought it was a good deal till we got to the room... felt like i was going to get some type of fatal disease just sitting on the bed, the rooms were that filthy... I think next time we will spend a few extra bucks and stay at a Motel 6. Sunday we spent by the lake and had a very relaxing fun evening.

It was now Monday and time to head home, we were not happy... Since my girl had to work at 4pm that day, she took the short routes, me on the other hand, don't work Mondays, so i took my time! Since i had to book it up here, i decided to take This route back. I have heard a lot about highway 88 and have never been on it... so i decided to try it out!

The ride back was fantastic! With my new toy, GoPro, I recorded most of the ride back. Because of my lack of thinking ahead, i didn't think to charge the camera after we'd been using it a lot the previous day. I was able to get most of 88. So i recorde 60% of the ride. The rest was really nice but i thought 88 was the best. The video speaks for itself and what i saw on the way back. I definitely plan to do it again this summer for Oktoberfest! Here Is the video!

Here are some other pictures i took with my Iphone while riding...

The roads through the mountains were truly amazing. I had never ridden that far but have always wanted to. Other than the fun roads and lots of leaning, little happened on the way home. I will definitely charge the camera for next time though! With a bike i now love and am comfortable leaning on again, I plan to take a lot more of rides like these!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Drive?! Why?! Cars have too many wheels... just makes me feel... awkwardly stable... I'll ride thank you!v
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