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Yesterday we wasted 2 hours trying tosee what was wrong with my 4 day old modem for Wi-Fi. Previously MTC said it needed to be activated. They did something and said it would work in 2 hours. It still didn't work the next day.Today we got off the main road, about 15 miles to find me another modem. We had gone about 180 miles, and decided Svobodny might be my last chance for a while. I bought a different brand this time.

While Igor and Penny went to get something to eat, I sat on they sidewalk and tried my new Wi-Fi. I was also watching the bikes. After 5 minutes, 3 women came out of the store I was sitting in front of.They almost drug me inside. They wanted me to sit in a chair. I finally went in with them, but couldn't see the bikes well enough. So I went outside and stood on the top step. They brought the chair out for me.Then they brought out a good sized bag of candy, and a bottle of water.
[IMG]"" target="_blank"> photo 6-11-13AnnainSvobodnyatthepharmacy.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]"" target="_blank"> photo 6-11-13Svobodnypharmacywomen.jpg[/IMG]
This is 2 of the women pharmacists.

Soon a woman came up to me and talked in English that was hard to understand. She mentioned motorcycles and husband. Then Igor and Penny came back and talked to her. She said she would come back in an hour, and we would spend the night at their house. Not many miles for the day, but we agreed.

While waiting, a young girl and her baby stopped to talk. She wanted us to come to her place for dinner. Are we in the Twilight Zone, or what.

Anna came back and lead us to a locked garage for the bikes. Then she took us to her grandmothers house for tea, snacks, and showers. Later we went to her house. The 2 kids were taken to grandmothers house later. We slept in Anna an Alexander's beds (fold out couches) and they slept in the children's beds.

We left their house and went to their biker hangout. Anna's grandmothers old house. About a dozen biker friends came for a grill out. This Kawasaki has a 57 liter gas tank which he made.

[IMG]"" target="_blank"> photo 6-11-13Atthebikershangout2.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]"" target="_blank"> photo 6-11-13Atthebikershangout6.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]"" target="_blank"> photo 6-11-13Atthebikershangout3.jpg[/IMG]

After several hours of food and vodka, for those not driving, we went back to their house. The next day was a holiday. Russian independence day.They wanted us to stay another day.I will leave in the morning. Igor and Penny will stay. Lucky dogs.
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