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Originally Posted by Mobiker View Post
I've never ridden a dct so I can't answer from experience, but anybody who says its a scooter is ignorant, unkowledgeable, and a flaming noob, including moto journalist who could ride me into the ground if they were on a scooter Its just a dumb thing to say. Its a motorcyle with an automatic transmission. Did people call the guzzi auto a scooter? No, of course not. The concept's been around a long time. Lack of demand and technology is why it hasn't become popular. Times change. Demand changes. Technology improves. Maybe the auto motorcycle's time has come. The market will determine that.

I'd like to ride one. I've never ridden an automatic bike. I have ridden the manual NC and liked it pretty good. For about 15 years all I ever owned was standard trans cages. Now all I own are automatics and in a cage I've decided I like them, although I still like to drive sticks.

The purpose of the paddle shifters is simply to give the rider an option and more control. In the twisties maybe the auto won't always be in exactly the gear you want - with the paddles you can shift it if want. If you just want to shift gears because you like it, you still can. You just don't have to if you don't want too. I think it makes the bike adjustable to your mood and the road.

See if you can get a test ride and report back.
Agreed--I equate it to the "sport" shifting that's available on a lot of auto-trans cages that are on the market today. You can leave it in D and drive all day long, but occasionally, you might want to down-shift for more power to meet a certain situation. I owned a scooter before I bought the NCX, and honestly I miss the "auto" trans--just gas and simple. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the DCT NCX even though I've never ridden one. I just assume it would be one less thing to worry about like it was when I was on my scooter.
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