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Originally Posted by rowdymoose View Post
Agreed--I equate it to the "sport" shifting that's available on a lot of auto-trans cages that are on the market today. You can leave it in D and drive all day long, but occasionally, you might want to down-shift for more power to meet a certain situation. I owned a scooter before I bought the NCX, and honestly I miss the "auto" trans--just gas and simple. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the DCT NCX even though I've never ridden one. I just assume it would be one less thing to worry about like it was when I was on my scooter.
I have a small desire to at least drive one. Not locally available yet here. I like mine just fine with the manual, but curious.

One comment from another inmate was the need to ride the rear brake in the slow two track work with the DCT. Since I seem to be doing almost half my riding on gravel and two track, feathering the clutch habit works pretty well.

Still curious how it feels
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