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Did I mention that it was quite warm? Not blazing hot, but with no shade and physical exertion, I was sweating profusely. Thinking that indecision and contemplation can be the worst thing for tackling hill climbs, I immediately turned around and charged the hill. OK, charged isn't exactly accurate. I didn't want to hurt me or the bike, so I tried the BRP chug method. Didn't get far. Back down to do it again. Got a lot farther with more entry speed, but still not enough. The dog-leg at the bottom of the hill really hampers the approach, and oh yeah, I'm getting hot. So is the bike. Back at the bottom, I take a break to reevaluate my situation. Strip off the gear and start looking at my surroundings and gps to see if there's another way out. I remember telling myself, do not panic. I knew I wasn't going to die out here, unless I did something stupid. So don't be rash and just think. Another 10-minutes isn't going to change anything now.

Besides where I came down to this plateau, everything around me was downhill. And no trails, just bushes. So back to attacking this hill. Out of the total length of 200-240 feet, I get within about 80-feet of the top. Everytime, the bike loses momentum and the back tire starts spinning. Unless it grabs some solid rock, then the bike tries to loop. Even trying to walk the running bike up doesn't work. The rear just doesn't grab well in the loose rock and gravel on the trail. The hill is steep enough to allow the bike to roll backwards even when in gear. Flopping the bike to find a rock to wedge under the back tire is the only way to stop it. Or just sit on it with the rear brake applied. But you can't kickstart it then.....

I'm starting to feel VERY stuck about now.....
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