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Well Ron, one thing I don't do is ride alone. Maybe flop my sled down some embankment, or get stuck underneath it (although, I also don't ride 550 lb dirt bikes, just 220 lb ones), or break a leg or arm or something, I'd rather have my buddies there. We tend to haul ass when we are out trail riding.

One time at Clear Creek, in addition to the ice slope debacle, I first broke a footpeg off my old RM400, then I somehow lost a kickstarter. Talk about fun times, a) riding with one foot on the stator cover, and b) trying not to stall that sucker, which I did several times, having to pull it up out of the creek onto the side of a hill and bump start it down a slope was one of the exhausting highlights.

On Plaskitt Ridge south of Big Sur, first, one of the guys slid his bike under a dump truck going the other way, no injuries, didn't hurt the bike or truck, either, since the dump truck was doing 2 mph, and then another of the guys cartwheeled his bike down some slope, and it took about 5 or 6 guys to lump it back up, then he drove himself to Community Hospital in Monterey to get stitched up (pretty good gash from a rock).

These are just reasons I won't ride alone. If everyone I know quits riding for some reason or another (and there are getting to be less and less of them actually riding), I'll probably just quit. Better than getting eaten by a bear.

Oh yeah, I bring tools, a couple bottles of water, sometimes a tow rope, and that's about it. One of my riding friends carries a gun, too, just in case (he carries it everywhere, by the way).

And a cell phone. No SPOT. I guess I'm not that much of an adventurer, I just ride.
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