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I do lots of solo riding. And quite a bit is in fairly remote areas with little to no other people anywhere near me. This is all dirt riding and some of it includes moderately hard (at least for me) single track. I realize a lot of folks don't agree with this and I have been "lectured" before by other riders. I grew up backpacking, then climbing, then kayaking out in the wilderness including solo trips so being alone has never really bothered me. That said, I have gained some experience the hard way over the years and have had my share of uncomfortable and close calls. Many things we choose to do in life, including motorcycling, involves calculated risk. We all have a different degree of tolerance for this. It is not my place to choose for someone else what they should do, even if I don't agree with them. Personally I am comfortable with the risks I choose to take. Part of this is because I try to remove ego from the equation. I am old enough that I don't really give a shit about what others think of my riding, climbing, etc and so I do stuff because I want to, not for others approval. Second, I make an effort to stay within limits that I feel I can reasonably control (this is different for everyone). Third, I go prepared. On my bike I always carry tools, tire changing gear and a pin kit for bike extrication. In my pack I always carry rain gear, bivy gear (bivy sack, lighter/matches, headlamp, etc), first aid gear, some food, water, a EPIRB (satellite emergency beacon), and a hand held HAM radio. I am not intimidated by spending a night or two in the woods. I could get injured, but I am a medical professional by training and carry enough first aid gear. Yes something could happen that I cannot recover from, but that is a choice I am willing to take in order to live life the way I choose. Everybody who does outdoor sports should realize that risk is inherent and come to some degree of acceptance and preparation for that risk. One of my favorite quotes is from Lawrence Gonzalez' book 'Deep Survival' : "In our adventures we engage fate deliberately. We choose a relentless and indefatigable opponent, while others pretend to be safe.". The outdoors, and motorcycling can kick your ass, hard. This is not to say we shouldn't do it. Far from it, I think some risk is the spice that makes life worthwhile. Just be prepared to accept the consequences of your choices.
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