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Originally Posted by The_Precious_Juice View Post

I tried searching for this on this thread.

I hope to buy November/December of this year.

I'd like to purchase brand new; however, some of the used prices look really good.

But I do not want to get a bike that was thrashed for a couple of thousand miles. So my question is, "with the ref limiter in place, is it possible for a NCX to have a bad break in period? Seems like I read a lot about riders taking it to the red line the first day.

Some more noob questions. If I find a new 2012 model late this year:
1. Will I get the full 12 month warranty?
2. How bad is if for a bike to sit around on the dealer floor for well over a year?
3. I'd like to get the heated grips and 12 volt socket. are these hard DIY projects? Maybe I should just have the dealer put them in. The total comes to $370 + labor.

I feel confident, (with the help of others) the other farkles will be good to go.

Thanks for reading.
Just FARKLE ON my friend !!.

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