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I know them both, good people. I try to drill pre ride check out into folks when I can.
Yeah, they were fantastic coaches and great people I would genuinely like to ride with and get to know better if the opportunity arises. Our paths probably won't cross again, but they were great and I would never discourage even an experienced rider from taking the class. I rode years ago in another state, but didn't have my Moto endoursement transferred over when I moved here and hadn't ridden much in the last 8 years. Ended up taking the class instead of trying to study for, and pass, the DMV driving test. Great class, learned tons, some of which saved my life when I flew to California last month and rode my new (to me) bike home from California to Montana. California driver made a left in front of me at an intersection. The scanning ahead and the swerving I learned in that class prevented me from becoming a hood ornament. Glad I didn't have to learn that lesson the hard way...
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