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Originally Posted by yooperbikemike View Post
"...I have a lot of respect for some of the riders out there..."

Nice to see that he hasn't changed.
Why should he change?

There is still resentment and attitude within the paddock towards him (irrespective of whether he bought it on himself), and as he did not have the respect last year, why suddenly change because he is no longer there?

I know that just because I no longer deal with certain people it does not change my level of respect to them.

Originally Posted by yooperbikemike View Post
Barry didn't open his yap at every opportunity to diss the NFL.
Not true with Stoner either but the myth will always remain.

Stoner in many Australian interviews conducted this year will generally avoid MotoGP questions and if asked specifically will generally say as he has done her, that he will follow and watch the sport, misses riding but still had bikes to ride and is enjoying his retirement.

If aa person is asked a specific question than they should respond, just as others have done when they have proffered criticisms, but having seen Stoner interviewed a number of times on local tv he does not take every opportunity to 'diss' the sport and does not in these interviews seen offer unprompted answers (and we need more unprompted people in the sport .......... thanks god for Crutchlow)
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