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Originally Posted by Downhill Dave View Post
My nephew was in the leading Hawaiian canoe yesterday (fifth at the line) and he texted me a pix of the whole crew getting IVs at the hotel(?) in the evening. Cheeooo

At least he rests today, I hope.

I am under the impression that the four leading canoes are filled with (basically) professional Tahitians paddlers.

(PS White Rd was too wet so I moved to a "drier clime")
IVs, they're not just for Hangovers!!!

Yep, that's what those guys do for a living, the Olamau kind of caters to them by scheduling the Olamau when the Tahitians can make it, we have some incredible waterman here in Hawaii but it's just a "Leisure" sport for them....

Did you used to ride Mud Lane? Seriously fun single track in that area!

Originally Posted by speedmonkey7 View Post
Pretty freakin cool! Scary looking but cool.

Funnily enough living in this place has showed me my one big fear. It's It's being on a boat on the open ocean. Great fear to have living on an island right? I guess I'm a mountain man at heart. I spend a ton of time all over Mauna Kea here.
I grew up on the North Shore of Oahu and surfed all through highschool, work, and then college, I've paddled pretty much every coast of the Big Isle and I also ran my own boat out of Hilo fishing Ika Shibi (Night time handline Tuna fishing for 100+ lbs Yellow Fin) so I'm comfortable on the ocean.

Scariest thing I ever did on H2O was paddle down the Rhine River past the Lorelei in Germany, that water was just plain freaky!!!
It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!
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