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Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper View Post
IVs, they're not just for Hangovers!!!

Yep, that's what those guys do for a living, the Olamau kind of caters to them by scheduling the Olamau when the Tahitians can make it, we have some incredible waterman here in Hawaii but it's just a "Leisure" sport for them....

Did you used to ride Mud Lane? Seriously fun single track in that area!

I grew up on the North Shore of Oahu and surfed all through highschool, work, and then college, I've paddled pretty much every coast of the Big Isle and I also ran my own boat out of Hilo fishing Ika Shibi (Night time handline Tuna fishing for 100+ lbs Yellow Fin) so I'm comfortable on the ocean.

Scariest thing I ever did on H2O was paddle down the Rhine River past the Lorelei in Germany, that water was just plain freaky!!!
Haha see and I used to free float down crazy rapids and river surf in stuff that should have killed me. I guess it's all what you grow up with. :

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