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1988 klr 250 carb issues

I suspected air leaks initially, but I have inspected everything, even the car adapter and it's O ring. All of the emissions stuff has been removed, so the vacuum port at the front of the port is capped. I put a new O ring under the pilot spring, and I replaced the broken starter cap and assembly thinking it might leak there. I suspected the worn slide of leaking too much air but the slot it fits in showed no signs of wear, likely a better material. The fact it idles well with the pilot turned all the way in tells me something odd is happening, but I have run out of ideas. I am going to pick up a complete parts bike tomorrow, and with any luck, the pilot needle will be intact and give me something for comparison. I am not a stranger to carburetors, I have been drag racing for over 35 years. But this isn't a Holley, and I don't have 3 functional spares on the shelf. I wonder if the removal of all of the factory systems has somehow unbalanced something. When I tried to run without the air cleaner, ( I think it's a unifilter) the engine ran so lean it wouldn't rev past 7000.
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