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Just installed a 6.5 Creedmor Krieger on my DPMS upper. Waiting on go = no go guages before I break it in. Wanting to see how well I can run an AR platform between 600 and a 1000.

Reloading supplies were readily available this time. Dies, Hornady Brass, 120 Amax, and 140 Sierra Match Kings.... No 140 Amax in sight.

It was fun to do my own work on it. First time for me on the uppers.
Sweet. A buddy took me out to shoot his AR-15 in November. I had fun, so I started shopping around, half interested and then the SHTF in December. I wrote off an AR in my lifetime (retired).

When 'the laws were to be changed' July 1st here in Colorado (15rd max), I decided to buy a Ruger SR9c before the 17 round mags became illegal. But no one had them. (They have 10rd and 17rd mags. Kalif wanted nothing to do with the 16rd mags for my XDM-40 3.8 (winter vacation). My five round snubby just didn't make me comfy (and hurt to shoot ). And ARs in Denver were only available on consignment for stupid money.

I got a chance to go to Steamboat Springs and stopped in a gunshop asking about the Ruger (what's to lose?). Nope, they haven't seen any. Dammit. But they did have an assortment of ARs hanging on the wall; hmmmmmmmmmm. So I thanked them for their time and left. Since this is the first time I'd seen a new AR, and several choices at that, the gears started turning. So I went back the next day asking questions about ARs, having already decided to buy one (as I had done a little shopping and wasn't as completely stupid as before I'd looked at them ). I picked one in my price range (I don't buy cheap crap, but don't buy sumtin' stupid expensive; I'm just a hobby shooter). As I was checking out (M&P 15, not the Sport, for the curious), one of the ole guys (like me), said "Weren't you in here yesterday, looking for the SR9c?" Um, yes I was. "We got one delivered yesterday afternoon."

Well crap, better add that to the bill. WTF, I wanted one, and here it was.

So now I'm shopping for 17 round mags for the SR9c, before July 1st, when they become illegal.
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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -
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