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Event Update - Pre-running this weekend - getting it all together!


I'm going to pre-run the route this weekend. The Sunday "Reno Rally - Northern Loop" is currently 279 Waypoints and 160.84 miles.

So I have a detailed track to reference during the pre-run, I have exported the track from Navigator and loaded it to my Garmin using the "GPX" feature in the "My Routes" library. This feature currently downloads the full resolution GPX track of the Reno Rally - Northern Loop which includes 1904 track points. A Garmin GPSMap60 will only hold 500 track points per track, so the track was filtered down to 499 points using GPSBAbel.

In the near future Navigator will automatically filter the GPX export to 499 points and send it directly to MapSource for loading to a GPS unit. Very handy.

During a pre-run, I will capture the actual track in my Garmin, plus a separate High Resolution GPS logger (Holux MC 1000C or USGlobalSat DG200 Data Logger) I also make any voice notes in a GPS enabled voice recorder on my iPhone ("GPS Voice Recorder" in the Apple App Store) along the way (dangers and things you can't see on Google Earth)

Once back home, I will use the "Overlay GPX" feature in Navigator to place the captured Track and Waypoints I have dropped in my Garmin over my hypothetical track you see in the image. This along with voice notes give me a clear picture of what needs to change in the final route. I hold off on detailed tulips etc. until after the pre-run.

I'll make final changes to both Saturday and Sunday routes over the weekend. Using the "Print Roll" feature I will create a single sheet PDF file about 300 inches long. PDF files go to the printer Monday AM - ready for pick up Wednesday PM. 20 copies of each days roadbook for a total of 40.

40 roadbooks x 300 inches each = 12,000 inches = 1000 feet stretched end to end.

I am building GPX files to share with the riders that show Waypoints every 10 miles or so + any bailout points onto roads where a chase truck can easily get in to pick up broken bikes (hopefully no broken bodies!)

Printed route outlines, list of rider contacts, emergency contacts (local sherrif, hospitals etc) are being prepared for the riders also.

I'm not trying to toot my own horn with all of the details, just painting a picture of the route making process and illustrate how far Rally Navigator has come - it's a GREAT tool for producing quality roadbooks. I give FULL CREDIT to Scott Whitney (HogWild) for teaching me most everything I know about creating roadbooks - he is The King!

Once you see how its done, other folks may create more riding events like this - that was the whole point of developing Rally Navigator.

Looking forward to a great weekend!
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