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Originally Posted by mdubya View Post
I have been to Misano twice for WSBK, 2001 and 2002.

If you are planning on seeing some of Italy, Misano is in a great location.

I find the track kind of boring, especially since they reversed the direction. September 15th will be out of season for the Rimini coast, but I, personally, would find that to be a bonus. See if you can get seats in the grand stand so you can see Curvone thru Curva del Caro. There is a big screen TV there too, so you can see the rest of the race.

If you can rent a scooter or bike, the riding in that part of Italy is pretty spectacular. You could ride the Panoramica from Gabbice Mont to Pesaro and trace the scooter tracks of a young VR46 and his crew.

You will definitely experience the insanity of racing in Italy if you go to Misano. Italian racing fans will redefine your concept of "nuts".

Aragon is one of those track I look at and long to ride. Being in the middle of nowhere has its appeal to me, much like it does for K.

I bet you could arrange for a pretty decent dual sport adventure in the region.

But bang for the buck, go to Misano. Go to Gabbice Mont (stay there if possible/convenient). Go to Florence for a few days, go to Sienna for a day or two, go to Chianti and drink the wine directly from the source.

I have never been to Spain, but Italians have a special way of enjoying life.
And go to Tavulia! Definitely!
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