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@Kt-88 - Awesome. Good news for a change!
@Warin - Absolutely. Doing the oil filter change was pretty exhilarating, can't wait for some more basic maintenance.
@kaput - Exactly my hopes!
@disston - I wish I could say you're wrong:

Sans-Clymer, I had unscrewed the very obvious parts connecting the cylinder head to the engine, but missed some crucial bits. With the manual in hand, I began to remove the carb, as per instructions:

It took me longer than I'd like to admit before I unscrewed the gunky-throttle-and-clutch cables:

Like some unholy god, she gazed back:

The valves, pretty damn dirty:

Leading to the bad news. NSFW:

Taken from a low angle, camera tilted counter-clockwise. Damage matches the cylinder head and piston head:

Missing a lung:

In addition to the damage on the top of the cylinder assembly, the piston can be wiggled on all up/down/out/in. Shouldn't that be firmly locked to the crankshaft? Maybe the main bearing went, freeing the piston to tear the cylinder out?

I'm in for the long haul with this bike, so give it to me straight. I appreciate your support!
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