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Originally Posted by Perspicacious View Post
I ride a lot at might on unlit country roads. The LED is the best motorcycle headlight I have used. Period.

Just upgraded from a F800GS. Light on the F800 were average for a motorcycle, which is to say it was dreadful. Barely acceptable if the weather was fine but with a bit fog or rain, downright scary.

The R1200 headlight (which I have ridden in fog and rain in the week I've owned it) is in quite unbelievable. The high beam is wonderful. Was going to get some Baja Designs Squadron LEDs but the standard BMW LED is so good I think I won't bother.
800's headlight was not bad, imho. Until the reflective paint departed :P

LC's led is imho not that wonderful, but especially on the high beam... it's pretty good.

Not a xenon though.
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