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Originally Posted by GSMarc View Post
It seems there are some suspension experts on this thread. I'm not one of them. I had the 950 conversion done up front, Ohlins rear. I didn't do the Ohlins front insert because I was told it couldn't be serviced as needed with an rtw in mind. The initial set-up was a bit harsh but with cautious tweaks improved things somewhat. But it's never been right.

The bike's still somewhat harsh, has a tendency to plow in the super soft a bit still and truthfully I've lost confidence in the changes I'm making to try and adjust things without making something else worse, which is what happened after my last session. Arggh.

So I've been reading around in the web and have yet to find one good, comprehensive step-by-step guide to suspension set-up. The guides I've found sometimes even contradict each other. The one thing I have out here is time to read and work at it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure I'll get flamed for having a nice HP2 and not the knowledge to dial it in, but that's how it is. I am trying hard however. Working with someone on-line would be the best solution. How to repay the favor might be difficult, but I'd work at figuring that out too.

The alternative is finding a good tuner in Panama or Colombia to work with who could teach me something about this black art. But I think finding someone close is a long shot, but who knows.
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