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Originally Posted by advtenn View Post
Just so you know...It's labor intensive.

I found a really good youtube video showing how to remove the plastics, tank and filter.
It's not to bad if you take your time, just be aware of the plastic supply fitting on the bottom of the tank. I have touratech upper engine guards and I had to watch out for the clutch cable. It was getting stuck between the bottom of the tank and support bar above the radiator. I used a short piece of 2x4 to prop tank up to remove electrical and gas connections.

I used silicone spray for the stepper motor after taking air box off. Will see how it lasts. I also noticed the top of the stepper boot wasn't fitted into the groove cut into the top part of the stepper shaft

I have the snorkel and adapter off while I wait for the UniFilter, (any day now, I ordered it ten days ago) think it's an issue if I ride this weekend without either?.

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