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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
As opposed to dishonestly?

You sound like a used car salesman Sam
"To tell you the truth...."

er.. I would assume you are ALWAYS telling the truth.. but now that you started a sentence with that phrase, I'll assume otherwise


err... now wait a minute on that car salesman comment...


Does anyone really think that the SP is OP compared to the IS-6? I fight both all the time, and find both balanced (the IS-6 having the better gun). All it takes is the usuall mistake of a SP driver to show some side to me and I can pen him more reliably, but it's not as if shooting and penning the rocket pods is too much of a challenge. Sure, it takes good aim and only about 70% of shots hit there do anything, but then I've never thought it was tough enough to rebalance.

If I don't own one (so I have no dog in this fight), fight them all the time, and still don't see the need for a nerf - something tells me that they don't need a nerf.


In other news, CRABRON clan is hell-bent on fighting us each night, so we've been essentially eliminated out of the campaign. I was in a battle with them last night where we actually did space out for a well-balanced defense, and despite camo and waiting for them, and having binocs on my tank, we were shot and and most of us killed before we ever saw them. It was crazy - borderlining on even having me questioning any potential cheats in the game (and that is the first time I've ever brought that up in my two years of playing).

From a better defensive position than two nights ago, we ended 1 to 15 (so we killed ONE of their tanks). My clan may not be Unicums, but the odds against what happened, and the outcome, were too huge for me to ever guess that would have been the result of a good defense on Redshire.
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