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I bought a 2007 last year. I've only been able to put about 9000 miles on it so far, on trips to barely 10 of the 11 western states. The storage under the hump/seat is minimal. All I can fit in there is a multimeter, tire plug kit, electric compressor, jumper cables, electrical tape, fuses, factory took kit, craftsman ball-end allen set, vice grips, spare wire, screwdrivers, rags, a flashlight, extra gloves, and spare straps. In order to make it tolerable, I had to install heli-bars, a used Corbin seat, and a ZGST shield. This set me back almost $300. The fuel range is ridiculous. I can barely get to 200 miles before the low fuel light comes on, at which point I only have another 1.5 gallons. Mileage is pure suckage. If I travel at 90 mph, I barely get 46 mpg. If I'm on mountain roads where I average more like 60 mph, then I barely get into the mid-50's, with an all time high of 58 mpg. This is unacceptable for a bike that supposedly puts out 175 hp to the crank. Speaking of power, this thing is overrated. If I'm lazy, in 6th gear, going 60, it takes over 2 seconds to pass a car. I wish I had to down-shift more. They say it'll do 186, but I whacked it open once in the desert and barely got to 160 before I chickened out. It's not confidence inspiring at all. The worst thing is, in all my travels so far, I only met two other guys (in Buena Vista Colorado) on these torture machines. I could tell that their grins were totally painted on. I'd rather ride a bike that I see often, at every gas stop if possible... you know, like a Gold King! Speaking of torture, 600 miles is my daily record so far, but it wasn't bad, so I'm going to have to try harder to be more uncomfortable this year. One shouldn't be able to ride all day without discomfort. It's not right.

Huge disappointment.
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