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Originally Posted by Rusty Rocket View Post
It was immediate in CT when they passed a 10 round max. We are supposed to register any mags that we have over the 10 round limit. Trouble is no matter who I called, no one seems to know how or where we are to file paperwork. We have till July 1 to register. I looked into different springs for my 14 rd S&W mod. 59 mags that are wound so that only 10 rounds fit. Might just go that route.
yet another reason these limit laws are idiotic, and get ignored since no one in power knows what to do about them. Trouble is, someone will know how to arrest you for having an unregistered 30rd mag......typical govt bullshit. Glad I live in a state that doesn't pull that shit as they know they would never be able to enforce it.
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