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Originally Posted by Theaty Hannington View Post
The T21 is one of my favorite tanks in the game, and one of the first to drive home the "Lights are Support Tanks, not Scout Tanks" idea. Namely, support until about half their team is gone, then scout the rest of their team and pick off any stragglers. I have applied this to the T71 and AMX12t and it makes perfect sense with those tanks as well. Less sense with the Locust, BT7, and T2 Light.
People don't understand scouting in a military context. See but don't be seen. After you have seen enough move on.

Another issue. Once you have fired move to cover. You do not have to watch your shell go down range. Fire it and forget it. Watching it does not make it hit harder or more accurately...

Rant mode off...

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