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Originally Posted by browneye View Post
Or a pair of roller skates in AZ.

There are LOTS of AZ plates here in Cali too. Comes with their own risks and hassles. Best bet is to get a AZ drivers license and register it with a friend or relative's address over there. If you get stopped here you're 'just visiting'. If you have a CA drivers licensed you'll get a fix it ticket to transfer to CA within 15 days. You need liability insurance to ride on the road as well - also gets sticky with AZ registeries for CA residents.
I call urban myth.
You can not have two driver's licenses....(it even looks funny spelled plural), but this is 'Merica goldamit! You can buy something in any state and register it there, you may or may not have a vacation home there, a relative, something that justifies having a bike in that state but whose business is that? When it's in Ca it's "just visiting"
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