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Originally Posted by Mattpar View Post
GS LC, with 729 miles. Trailered it up the dealer for its 600mi service(oil engine change, shaft oil change, visual inspection, and road test. Dealer did that, test drove the bike) all ok. I drove it 150 feet to my trailer. Reloaded it back on the trailer the same way(straps on the handle bars, away from the clutch and brake reservoirs)Towed it 1hr home, took it off of the trailer. Got onto the bike, clicked it into 1st gear, grabbed a fist full of clutch, started it up and it lurched forward a few inches when it started and ran. Went to ride to the garage but stalled it. Noticed the clutch lever friction area was REAL close to the full grab on the lever. Restarted, lurched a few inches forward. Rode it to the garage(170ft from street to garage)

Once at garage, Key ON, motor OFF, in 1st gear, clutch lever to the handle bar grip. I noticed it wouldnt roll easily. I had to PUSH it to get it to roll. Then I noticed the clutch was not disengaging all the way. I could hear it slipping. what the heck?!?! Then I noticed the gear grinding noise in the video.

In the video. Starts off with key OFF, clutch level OUT, gear Neutral, rocking back and forward hitting the brake, then when i turn the key ON(@8 secs),it makes the noise. I turned the key off at 30secs, no noise. My brother came over and I rocked the bike and he said he thinks the noise is coming from the airbox/top of the motor area? No clue?

Dont know how to imbed videos.

So i called the dealer, told him what the dealio was. They said they didnt adjust anything, all they did was change oil and visually inspect brakes, fluid levels, etc,...they are gonna pick it up Tuesday. We'll see what happens from there.

Any thoughts on why it would make a noise with the key ON and not OFF? And why wont the clutch disengage fully?
First thing is it's best to start a bike with a wet clutch in neutral, even more so when it's cold. The lurching forward is the clue, lots of drag with a wet clutch. Also, never strap a telelever bike down from the handelbars, you want to use the lower fork bridge. Let us know what your dealer finds.
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