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Originally Posted by Sidecar Jockey View Post
Anyone have info on this 'road'?,0.021501

I rode by here the other day, but I didnt check it out because my friend was on his recently washed crotch rocket and didnt want to get it dirty...

Anyway, I drew a line on the Google map along where I can see a road / trail going through the woods (zoom in in satellite view, you can see it). There is definitely a small bridge where it crosses the river for the first time.

I did not see any signs marking it as private property (but i went by pretty quick so I could have missed them).... so I'm thinking about going back and checking it out. I dont know why, but little roads like this that go into the woods interset me.

Anyone ever ridden on it or know if it goes anywhere? MAybe it just dead ends in the woods?
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