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I wouldn't. Unadilla has some must see spots that the VIP tent won't get you close enough to, or even be able to see at all. The skyshot has to be seen to be believed. I spent most of the race last year there and will probably head there this year as well. You should try to see the first turn of one moto it's a 90 degree right hand turn and when 40 of them come through there at once it's worth the price of admission alone. Not a whole lot of room by that fence so you need to pick a moto and park it there. Gravity Cavity and the Screw U are also must see's. But you haven't lived until you've see them whip it on the skyshot. The food there is decent enough so to use the VIP for a few "free eats" and some shade just doesn't cut it you need to see Unadilla up close. The VIP tent will give you an overall view of a lot of the track but isn't close to anything. Save your money unless a seat on a folding chair under a tent is really important.

Skyshot last year.

they don't call it skyshot for nothing trust me and they even have a set of bleachers there now.
I knew I could count on you for feedback. Yes, I agree. Very familiar with the place but haven't been there since 1987 when Hannah was proving a point in the "Des Nations" on a 125. I remember when you couldn't think about bringing a girl to a race there due to some questionable types (okay, I was one of them). Anyway, the place has changed and the pics do it justice. $400 is lot to pay for some shade and a boxed lunch. Sorry no sistas that young.
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