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Originally Posted by Hewzie View Post
All the best for the rest of your journey! Exciting and fulfilling...well done. If you get to Perth, let me know and you will have somewhere to rest up!
Your lady is tough as, on the back of a mid-sized bike for that distance. Good on her. Make sure you get back in time to witness another Hawks flag!
Cheers, Hewzie

Yep haha I am definitly a tough one lol thanks Hewzie, but to be honest speaking as a pillion the Tiger is sooooo comfortable even with all that luggage on the back there is enough room for me to be quiet for serveral hours until I start making noise ... and the tool belt sitting right behind me is not my bestfriend at times but all up its a pretty comfortable ride.

The tiger has also surprised me many times on this trip, being so new to this whole motorbike adventure riding and going off road this bike has taken us to places that I never thought we could go. Some pretty rough tracks but lots of credit to the rider for not taking us over the edge .... some tracks were narrow and I was so scared to look down.

Looking forward to the STAN'S and Mongolia. This whole trip has been an adventure and I have learned new things everyday and even about myself. Just really enjoying this
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