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I'm going to be here awhile. A club mechanic came with a stethoscope and listed to my bike and thinks something in my clutch is bad. I'm at his house I think till he fixes it.They are taking it apart now. Time depends on parts availability. 2 days if in Irkusk? Could be 10 days if parts come from farther. And depends what parts are bad.

I wasn't going to cross Mongolia with the noise I have been hearing the last couple days. Stuck in Russia 200 miles from a city is one thing. In Mongolia, who knows when help may come by.

I talked with Igor this morning. He will probably be in Ulan
Ude tonight. Something I forgot to mention about yesterday. I followed a car that swerved to miss something in the middle of the road. He didn't stop. I went back. It was a man holding on to the reins of a horse drawn wagon. He wasn't moving while in the middle of the road. He didn't say anything. Then a young couple stopped to see what was going on. I think they thought I may have hit him.Finally the young guy picked up the old man and set him on the wagon. He said he's drunk from vodka. Then the horse just started down the road. I guess he's done it before. 5 minutes later, I'm following a van that goes 4 feet into the gravel, then 3 feet over the center line. After seeing that process repeated several times, I passed him.Didn't want to see how that ended.

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