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Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
A lot of heat gets to the seat due to hot air exiting the two frame openings around the rear cylinder head (shown in the photo above). In some ways, the right side scoop makes this worse as it forces more cooling air across the rear cylinder head, a lot of which winds up flowing under the seat.
OK, So you have now said what I have been thinking, I did not think the Comfort Kit did anything to help comfort, Infact I belive on my tall seat bike it was made seat heating worse, but I put up with it to have the engine run cooler.

Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
Not only does the hot air heat the seat, but the hot air blows out of the gap between the sides of the seat and the frame rails, especially on the right side. THAT can cook your right thigh.
I am trying work out an arrangement to get some cold air to blow under the seat, currently all the air is heated by the engine, I am thinking that a 1 inch tube with outside air will help displace the superheated air under the seat or at least take some of the edge off, plus I belive that the ECM and battery would be happier if the air was a little cooler.

Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
The other part of the comfort kit, the duct shown just below the rear shock upper attachment point, funnels the air from the cooling fan downward which keeps that air from blowing against the seat. When the fan kicks on, I think most of the air exits this way but by that time the seat's already hot. Note that this may be less of a problem on 08-up bikes with the revised ECM flash that keeps the fan running when the bike's above ~15 MPH.

As I have have been working on my solution to this issue, I have thought that the Comfort kit air duct slowed down the movement of air under the seat by blocking the cool air that moved by the spring and into the seat area or vise versa, also now that the shock/spring in closed off there is nothing to move the air under the seat but more heated air from the engine. So as I stated before, lets get some cool air to move around under the seat and see what happens.

Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
After commuting during a couple of 90+ degree days this week, I'm about ready to re-do my modification. I think I'd be willing to rotate the engine and replace the gasket once in a while (if that's what it takes) if I could keep the seat 20 degrees cooler.
Cutting air flow around the engine has never been very appeling to me, so that is why I am trying to go with forcing cool air under the seat. I have had to back burner this project, and LD riding for this season but hopefully by next years riding season I will have a soulution tested and installed.

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