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Laugh She has Legs

I know that Versys has the legs. She used to be my wife's.
Here she is (in the midst of 5 950s and 990s) at Coco's Corner.
Yeah Coco was there.

And here near Mission St. Javier, on the road to the Comundus, where we had to turn around because the road was washed out.

Proof (if you've been there, you know what the little V was put through)

The bane of the V - deep sand around the salt flats north of San Juanico
The challenge - finding knobbies that fit the V's rims. At least the roads to Alaska shouldn't provide that challenge (6" deep powder sand)

The V had Pirelli super moto rain tires, knobbiest thing I could find. Barely lasted the 3000 mile round trip from Yuma to Cabo.

I know the bike can do it! Good luck guys!
'09 300 EXC (my 525 replacement )
'11 690e R (makes me smile! - 525 / 990 replacement)
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