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Originally Posted by Sjoerd Bakker View Post
Hola Wolverine ,
You have a good trip coming up but my question is ....
Why do you want to visit Tikal as a side trip starting and returning to
Maybe you have commitments that require your return to Belize or the Yucatan?
If that is not the case maybe you will be interested to know that you can very easily also return to Mexico via quality paved highways through Guatemala by way of the El Ceibo border crossing and from there ride to Tenosique, TAB and home.
By all means take the time to explore Belize down to Punta Gorda. You will notice that Belize can be fairly
expensive for tourists.Guatemala can be much cheaper for hotels and food.
By using the Guatemalan route you can thus make your pesos to better
effect and avoid repeating the same roads and border crossings.
Getting in to Belize is free but you will have to pay a tourist tax of 37.50 Belize dollars
when you leave. So if you go out to Tikal you pay and when to return to Chetumal you will probably pay again! Once is enough !
Also you MUST buy liability insurance for your bikes when you enter Belize.It costs 13 BZ$ per day but buying it for one week costs only 29BZ$
Hey man¡ thank you very much for information, We did not know about to pay when to cross the border in Belize and insurance to the bikes. I have been talking with others riders (Guaterider, Nailit, Sara, 175, Andy) about to ride in Guatemala and they say same that you, surely we will go straight to Guate by Tenosique.
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