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Originally Posted by Doogle View Post
Mechanical problems are tolerable when I'm healthy. Carrying 2 rolls of toilet paper all the time is wearing me down. I think I'm spending more on toilet paper than I am on gas lately. I'm laying on the couch while my bike is being worked on.I'm worn down.

Are you about ready to leaving Kazakhstan? Or is it going to be your new home?
Well, I've been here 15 months, maybe it is time to move on to the next destination, I'll spend the summer as I really enjoy the mountain biking around here (wish I had a motorcycle though, couple plans just didn't work out for that!) but I'll be looking to move in the fall for sure, still too many places I haven't been to to hang on too long anywhere...

Get well soon Doug... we are all with you (in a figurative way I mean)
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