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Installed my new Touratech crash bars this morning.
When I bought my bike I had to wait a few days because the "owner was painting the crashbars" first. I thought that was a bit odd, but soon took delivery. After going over the bike when I got home, I realized the crash bars were missing the top attachment bolts, and the whole thing was loose. It was also against the cylinder head on the left side. After scuffing the paint on one side, I then noticed the metal underneath was rusting! Not made of stainless steel, that's for sure.
I decided to install a Touratech set. This morning I had trouble getting the old bars off, as the two halves were bolted together with a single threaded stud, and the nut was welded on. I thought, well, since its not steel, maybe I can hacksaw it in two. It cut like buttah, and just before I finished the cut the two halves fell apart at the stud! My engine was getting a lot of protection there, yessirree bob! If anyone recognizes these, I'd love to hear:

The Touratechs went on with little effort. The only trouble I had is my spanking new metric torque wrench is calibrated in kilogram-meters, and the torque values from Touratech were in newton-meters, had to find a conversion factor and do math on a Saturday. Sure like the stainless color (match my new Pivot Pegz too) and glad I'm now riding with "protection".

Also got my OEM seat back from Seat Concepts, 8 day turnaround! I went with the taller GSA seat, faux carbon cover, and as soon as I hit "Send" I think I need to go try it out (75 and calm today!)
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