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Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
A few years back, at least one guy on Badweb took a different approach that seemed to work for him. He punched a bunch of ~1-1/2" diameter holes in the under-seat pan behind the battery. In each of these, he installed a 90 degree PVC elbow (on the underside IIRC) pointed backwards. He claimed this allowed a lot more air to flow under the seat (both hot air from the engine and cooler air from around the sides of the bike). He claimed the seat temperature was greatly reduced and the fan came on less often. Of course, this negates any under-seat storage capacity.
That is an interesting Idea Under seat storage is a moot point for me, I do not store anything there now so I will not loose anything in the process.

Years ago I helped build a car that had the engine in the front and the radiator in the rear, So many guy's told me it would not work, They clearly did not understand some basics of physics, Like there is a low pressure area in the rear of a car (or bike) as it cuts through the wind, and if you direct some high pressure into the front, the low pressure will help draw the air out the back. Second is that hot air moves towards cold air. The car worked great and was later ruled out of existence by the sanctioning body. But I have always thought the same thing could be done here to keep my buns cool

Lots of room for something under here !

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