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Somewhere I havenít been before and havenít heard about.

I stopped to look for a cache.

Stopping and walking to the area of the cache location provided me with a view I otherwise would have missed. I didnít find the cache but I sure found a pretty view. As many time as I have ridden the paved road along the river (Hwy 12) until now I had no idea there was a road here.

Fun riding

That looks like a good camping spot down there. Another place I need to return to for more exploring.

Another stop to see if I could find a cache but was distracted by the view and didnít find the cache. (Thatís my story and Iím sticking to it )

While I was looking around a pickup with two men in it stopped. They were checking to make sure I was OK. They were very nice and telling me the people at the bottom of the hill are nice even though not many people are down there. They chatted for a few minutes and went on their way.

When I got here I knew I needed to turn right to go to Pardee but instead of doing that I decided to continue on straight to see where the well maintained road went.

The road went about another mile then turned into private property and appeared to end at a ranch. I decided to head back to where I intended to go to in the first place.

Not at Pardee yet but a stop for a cache brought me here.

As I started looking for the cache I became distracted by the concrete structure and wondered what it was.

I found the cache and it was time to move on. I was almost to the river so the road would be ending soon.

Down a hill and round a switch back and I was pretty much at the end of the road. Just around that bend is access to the river. Another good camping place.

I couldnít find much about Pardee and nothing about the concrete tower. This site says President Cleveland kept his Mistress in Pardee and had a bit of a trek to visit her. The site also indicates the only thing left at Pardee is a water tower but that tower would have a difficult time holding water.

Does anyone know what that tower would be used for?

Back up the hill I go. I decided to count the switchbacks on my way up. There were 13.

At the top of Carrot Ridge I took a different road rather than returning the same way I came down. I didnít know where the road would take me but I figured I would have fun finding out.

I think I found this in Woodland.

And a short distance down the road this nice barn.

I stopped at a viewpoint.

Thatís Kamiah and/or Kooskia down there.

This guy stopped to check on me. Actually he just stopped to chat but starting a conversation with "is everything OK" probably seems more professional than "cool, it looks like you are having fun let's talk about it".

He told me how much he enjoys the viewpoint and often takes his lunch break here. He point out Gospel Hump across the way and told me I would have a good time riding to Elk River. He wished me a good ride and was on his way.

I was on Woodland road which was a curvy road with lots of pretty views and it twisted and turned its way to the bottom of the valley.

At the bottom of the hill I rode through Kooskia, South on Hwy 13 then East on Hwy 14 following the Clearwater River (I think the south fork).

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