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Thumb Twin Mufflers

Hi Kerry,
Thanks for the feed back.
Glad we could prove that our products are every bit as Good & in some cases a better product than some of the big names on the market (For a fraction of the cost)
Enjoy your twin mufflers.
Originally Posted by kerrystewart View Post
Here is a report on a set of twin exhausts I purchased from Mark Chaplain for my Super Tenere,
First I have to say I thought the Super Tenere was a little disappointing of the show room floor,
but when you consider the restrictions that have been applied to all vehicles in this country now in the name of clean air, I'm not surprised.
So the first thing to do to make this bike perform the way it should is to change the exhaust, along with the air filter.
Not wanting to spend the outrageous amount of money on the usual names available
I turn to a home grown brand, which was a bit disappointing it leaked at the link pipe joint, it burned the pillion with hot air because it was to short and it resonated when you put the panniers on the bike.
Looking for another solution I turned to Mark. (For those who donít know is the Australian importer for Motorcycle Exhaust)
Mark was toying with the idea of twin exhausts, giventhe fact the XT1200 is a twin cylinder this sounded like a good idea.
I believe he also does a great single option.
Well the results are amazing, the engine now performs the way it should the mid range has improved
the joint at the header pipe doesn't leak because the fitting is so precise you don't need clamps to hold it together
and there is no heat build up to cook the pillion.
Add to this set up a K & N air filter and just recently I have done the ECU unleashed mod to the computer
this bike now feels the way it was supposed to. Unfortunately I don't have access to a dyno to get a the figures on
power increases, so I can only go on what the bike feels like to ride, also I might add the economy has improved
I'm getting an extra 30 km's to the tank on a trip.
I have also had my SW Motech pannier racks altered to fit over the right hand side exhaust, there is no resonating
coming from the mufflers when the panniers are fitted. And as an added bonus the sound is incredible.
Photos coming soon.
Visit my website for exhaust and mufflers
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