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Help finding cables....

Greetings Northern Inmates:

I recently purchased a 1200 GS Adventure and will begin the (circuitous) trip home on Wednesday (currently holed up in Talkeetna). This bike came with the Ultimate Addons iPhone charger and case. I don't have an iPhone. I do have a desire/need to charge via USB though. Sadly, I don't have time to wait for shipping so I was wondering if anyone might point me in the direction of finding any of these:

USB connector: PREFERRED

These two would work too (need to charge both micro and mini)
Micro USB:

Mini USB connector:

Alternatively, these can't be too hard to make... A standard USB female connected to a Hella Super seal that plugs into the already wired-in system on the bike...

Ideas? I'll be in ANC on Monday and possibly FBX Thursday. Thanks in advance!
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