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You need to cut your nails a bit.
My pedi/mani is tuesday morning so i can look good for the tow truck driver


After work I got home. Itching to ride it. Remembered Bemiiten saying
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First thing is it's best to start a bike with a wet clutch in neutral, even more so when it's cold. The lurching forward is the clue, lots of drag with a wet clutch.
SO I grabbed the keys, hopped on it, put it in gear, clutch in, tried walking it forward. Still dragging. Started it up, lurched forward, noticed that it was really easy to move forward(like mildy assisted from the dragging clutch) and a little resistance to walk it backwards. Then I took it for a 2 mile ride through the neighborhood, lots of gear changes, hard accelerations etc. Got the bike up to operating temps. Got back to my driveway. Shut it off, put it in gear, started it up. No lurch, repeated, no lurch. Everything seemed normal. I dont know if I'm picking apart this bike TOO much and this stuff is normal and I just didnt notice it before the service. I don't wanna waste my time sending it to the dealer and not being able to ride it for 2 weeks over something thats normal that I just too picky about. 99% of the time i always put my bike in Neutral before starting, then just ride off. Just this one time I tried starting it in gear and noticed the lurch,... I'm thinking about calling the dealer, talking to a tech, and see if i really have to send it in. Pick up is on Tuesday. I'll call monday and see what they say. Dealer is 1hr away in good traffic, but 2hr now because of really crappy construction.
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