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US-Canada Border Crossing

Fairbanks to the US/Canada border at Beaver Creek is about 290 miles.

Dan arrived at the border at 0545 hours local time, 0945 Eastern Time. Given the hour of his arrival, he managed to get
through there without any delay what-so-ever. Up to this point he has traveled a distance of about 785 miles in 10 hours and
45 minutes for an average speed of 73 MPH. Oh crap, he's lost one MPH as a result of the border crossing and a fuel stop at Tok, Alaska!

There is no cell service in the area and so I am unable to call him and tell him to get his act together and pick up the pace...

At this point it should be noted that he is in the Yukon Territory and in the Pacific Time zone...3 hours earlier than Eastern Time.
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