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We arrived in Pittsburgh this morning and were picked up by my buddy Russ
and his girlfriend Sue. We're staying at his house until Monday or Tuesday
when we'll head out to Bethany Beach. Beautiful spread by the way just outside

The bikes were shipped here a few weeks ago and we had our first interesting minor mishap. During shipping the driver called and said my Dakar had a leak.
She said it was minor but didn't know what kind of leak it was, she thought maybe coolant. I asked if it was blue, no was the answer maybe it's hydraulic
fluid she said. I told her just deliver it and I'll check when I get there.

So today we check over the bike and it's oil. The skid is full of it and some down the left side of the engine. So I spray it down with simple green get it a clean
and start it up to find the leak. After letting it cool down there's no leak anywhere.

I look around a little more and see some oil at the bottom of the plenum.
So I remove the body work to access the plenum and gee, there's oil dripping
from the bottom of the air filter. Okay I pull the air filter and find over a cup of oil in the bottom of the plenum.

Idiots must has tipped it over and it stayed there for a while. Oil came through the breather hose and filled the plenum. Luckily the filter and the plenum just needed a good cleaning and no more leak.

It's funny they never mentioned the bike falling over. Thank goodness I can't find any other damage. I think the shippers are going to get an interesting email.

Oh, and the spot tracking will start Monday or Tuesday when we get underway.

That's it for now.
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