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So day 5 started at Cameron and Bess' place in Charlottesville, with breakfast from a local farmers market in town. Beautiful fresh crepes and a spicy taco to follow. Don't ask me why those two together, they just looked good.

Onto the motorcycling. I set off on the blue ridge where I left the skyline the day before. Its another good road although a lot rougher road surface than the skyline. It was surprising quieter than I thought it would be for a Saturday. But it still had people stopping and going very slow. And to be honest once you done a few miles of it, it's pretty much exactly the same for the rest of the way. It still had great views though.

I got bored and took Cameron's advice and came down the 56 east. Now that was a fun road. I barely saw anyone else so I may have got a bit liberal with the throttle and ground down the boards on the bike a bit.
Half way down the 56 is Crabtree falls. And is well worth a look, it's an easy 2 minute walk that anyone can do to the bottom of the falls. But worth the extra effort to go a bit further up.

I then carried on down to Amherst, where I found my first roundabout in this country. Reminded me a bit of home.
There are some excellent views back up the mountains from the bottom which are just as spectacular as from the top.

I head back up the 60 to the parkway. Again another great road with quite steeply banked corners which meant I could get even more lean out of the bike before it ground out on the tarmac. :

I came back down the mountain one more time on the 501 to Lynchburg. Where I'm staying with nam96zar (Ray) and his family who served me absolutely outstanding home BBQ'd pork and beef, as well as crab, and a pasta salad. :)

In response to my big plan for the trip. It doesn't really have any definite stops or dates. I'm just heading west along the southern part of the US before going up the pacific coast and then along the northern(ish) part and back down the East coast to Norfolk, VA. Where my flight is back to the UK in early September.
I have a list of things I want to see, like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, las Vegas, San Francisco, Niagara falls, Manhattan etc but how to connect them is something in trying to figure out as I go and while meeting and chatting to people along the way. Feel free to suggest any ideas. I'm working on getting to the Great Smokey mountains for now. But from there I'm either going due West on the I-40, or going further south to New Orleans and through Houston up to New Mexico? I know it's going to be hot down there, but it's either get across there in the next few weeks or on my way back in late August, which could be even hotter!
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