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Wuka King....Wozza Yeazza!

Forget the MOSS, this Wuka King Power Controller with Dual Temperature Switch is the bomb! I think I'll call it "Wookie" for short.

Holy Smokes….this thing works spectacular on my Terra!

Ordered from HighTechCoonass, here on ADV. And it arrived Priority Mail about 2 days later.

Its a real fine gizmo…..the quality of the piece appears very solid.

It even came with a little extra stuff, as you can see. The only thing missing was a set of instructions.

If I were a Noob, that could be a problem. But its not my first rodeo with such gadgets. I've put a similar temp-module on my F800GS (The Accelerator). Anyway, it was easy enough to find general directions in HightechCoonass ADV thread, but that won't necessarily help you on the TR650, per se. Just kinda-sorta.

Since my package was lacking instructions, I'll do a full expose' of my install right here. You might like how I did my install…..then again, you might not. BigDog has a good pictorial of his Booster Plug install on his website, also. I went a bit different route…..just to make him jealous.

I think he pondered his over a can of soda pop. Mine took two beers, a side of ribs, and lots of foggy gazing before I settled on a plan.

Initially, I had two concerns when I inspected my Wookie. I thought the temperature probe lead was too short (limiting location options) and the Switch lead too fat and thick (where would I route it, as there's not enough space for that along the frame). After two beers and some stunning cunning, I realized the design was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for what I needed to do.

Remove the left side panel, and you'll find the air temperature sensor hiding in the bottom of the airbox collector right here behind the frame well.

There is a little wire clip on it that looks like this;

Don't pull it off like I did……because I'm a Stupid Dog sometimes. Just push the wire in (toward the connection) & hold it depressed while you separate the connection. It slides off the base fairly easily with a little wiggling. Its a tight squeeze under there, by you can do it.

Then, weasel the connector out from under the frame…

Your's will still have a nice wire clip on it. Mine doesn't.

Here is the replacement connector from the Wookie…..and you can see the push-wire in place:

Its just a simple male/female connection. There is a tab to line up, then snap it together while you push the wire inward again:

This would be the new male connector from the Wookie connecting to the original female connector (pulled off the airbox sensor).

And here is the other side from the Wookie (red heat shrink) plugged into the airbox sensor.

You are simply breaking the original connection to the Temperature Sensor and inserting the new Power Controller in-between the original contacts points.

Now the contentious… drinking…..part: where the heck to stuff all the wires, locate the new temp-probe, and route the Switch????

I discovered a nice pocket of space in and around the radiator overflow reservoir……right in front of my nose! So, I tucked in the chunky resistor portion like so:

And ran both the temp probe and switch lead toward the front:

Poked the Switch lead thru an existing hole in the plastic shroud….in front of the reservoir:

And routed it along side my clutch cable…..thru the triple clamp…..up to the dash.

I had the perfect place to mount the switch in the support bracket I made for my Madstad Adjustable Windshield:

Otherwise, I probably would have just zip-tied it to my clutch cable. BUT I was able to screw it down tight and set the switch in a manner even a Stupid Dog will remember: Up for hot and Down for cold...just like a thermometer.

Finally……where to put the Temperature Probe????

The lead was too short to route it up to the front of the bike near the fender or brake lines, etc. And, I really didn't want to drill a hole into my airbox collector on the engine side (back side) of my air filter. I'm just clumsy enough to cause an unfiltered air leak…..or worse.

AND, the probe really shouldn't be above the engine anywhere it would read warm or hot air temp affected by the motor & pipe. Its enough to make a man drink a 3rd beer.

When in doubt, "Drill baby….drill"

And poke that probe thru the hole:

Behind the scenes, I punch a couple more holes and secured the temperature lead to the wall……because I had a drill in my hand, I guess.

Looks pretty good enough to me:

And its picking up clean fresh ambient air out in front of the bike. Bueno!

It works real good too. Look at my dash temp-gauge when I flip the switch down (-36 deg F adjustment)

And again, when I flip the switch up (-18 deg F adjustment)

Very cool indeed!

The motor performance is absolutely fantastic with this installation. It made an immediate difference. The bike fired right up on the first turn of the crank, and then purred like a kitten at 1,500 rpm. Mine was always a bit rough idling with some periodic stumbles (too lean on bottom)…..same as most everyone has reported.

Everything that people have said about these temperature adjustment devices (at least that I have read) is spot on. Best money I've spent for an improvement to my Terra. It has made a great motor run near perfect! So simple and effective, everyone should try it who hasn't resolved their stumbling, stalling, or rough idling issues yet.

My compliments to HighTechCoonass for making such a nice PowerController. The "Switch" is going to be a terrific feature! And just $90.

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