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I tested a Bolt today, pearl white. It had 24 miles on it.

Nice enough for what it is. Good price point.

The good:
  • great cornering/handling
  • nice view from behind the bars
  • strong low-end torque
  • smooth & clean EFI mapping
  • good suspension
  • sounds great at idle
  • don't notice the tank seam when riding
  • seems small & rides lighter than what it is
  • decent brakes
  • despite the price point it impressed me as being a quality bike
  • GREAT grips. Loved em.
The bad
  • No tach, but not needed because...
  • Stock tune runs out of steam pretty early, game over, upshift. Nothing to see here people, move along.
  • Personally didn't like the mids.
  • The seat SUCKED. It is small/cramped & no where to move around. First thing I would toss.
The ugly (completely subjective, of course):
  • cables stuck to bars with untrimmed zipties...are ya kiddin me?
  • exhaust - perhaps trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up (all your pipes belong to us!)
  • airbox - the answer my friend, ain't blowin in the wind...but the airbox is.
  • cyclops tail light. Ugh.
The whatever
  • why does the digital display have to be so dim - is that a hipster thing?
  • will forward mount pegs work with that airbox?
  • starts instantly. Right freaking now. Ready to roll.
  • begs to be customized, however it remains to be seen what aftermarket support & options may become available.
  • I like Yammies. Always have. Prolly always will.
Would I buy one?
  • In a word, no.
  • At least not now, & not new. Which definitely means not now.
  • I expect resale to plummet at some point, after supply catches up. We'll see.
  • That said, I dig bobbers, even bobber wanna-bees.
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