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Okay so now I'm riding into Kansas. From Ft. Kearney I rode straight south to the Republican river just downstream of Harlan County Lake. There is a nice gravel road that follows the river for about 50 miles or so.

Eventually I started to get into unmaintained roads and dead ends so I started working my way south and east, this was around the Lovewell Reservoir. I came across a sign for a Pawnee Indian Village museum so I went to check that out. The remains of a walled Pawnee village that contained 40 lodges, or at least half of it that wasn't tilled up and farmed, has been preserved. The museum is built over an excavation of one of the larger lodges. Here's a link describing it...

The only good picture I have is of the view they had over the river.

After spending a night at my cousin's farm and the next day visiting family, I rode to Tuttle Creek Reservoir to camp for the night. I spent a lot of time out there back in college so I checked out a couple of my old fishin/drinkin spots. It hasn't really changed.

I wanted a K-State sticker for my pannier, so the next morning I rode to Aggieville for breakfast and waited for Varneys bookstore to open. Mission accomplished. Go Cats!

I rode gravel roads south thru the Flint Hills. I took McDowell Creek Road out of Manhattan, jogged over to Humboldt Creek Road, Parkerville and Kelso roads down past Council Grove Reservoir, then the Helmick Road and Z road to Diamond Creek. Stopped in Cottonwood Falls for lunch. That's kind of a happening town. They had some kind of festival and parade going on, and there was a bluegrass festival planned the next weekend. While I sat in the cafe eating lunch, two different VStrom riders came over to talk to me. One of them asked me what in the world a guy from Utah, who lives in some of the most scenic country on earth, was doing riding around in Kansas, LOL. I headed SW out of town, staying between 50 and 177, eventually ending the day in Newton.

The route alternated between roads out in the open prairie and then dropping down into wooded creeks.

I don't think this silo has been used in a while.

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